Achieve Maximum Freshness

You'll need a walk-in cooler installation in Maple Valley & Federal Way, WA

If you own a restaurant or convenience store, your business relies on keeping food and drink cold and fresh. CMA Commercial Refrigeration offers top-quality commercial refrigeration installation service in Federal Way, Washington. When you work with us, your perishable items will stay cool from delivery to preparation. You can count on us for freezer panel, prep table and walk-in cooler installation services.

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Fresh food can make all the difference

Proper refrigeration is essential to any restaurant. Whether you're serving seafood or soul food, you want your meals to be so fresh that your guests are blown away. Plus, Washington state is requiring all food establishments over 3,000 square feet to use electronic refrigeration systems by 2021. Don't risk getting charged with a health code violation. You can get an electronic freezer and walk-in cooler installation from us now.

Is your restaurant up to code on refrigeration? Consult a professional from CMA Commercial Refrigeration in Maple Valley & Federal Way, WA today to find out.