Stay On Top of HVAC Repairs

Think of us when you need heating repair services in Maple Valley & Federal Way, WA

Even the best HVAC systems can have problems. That's why CMA Commercial Refrigeration performs professional HVAC repairs in Maple Valley & Federal Way, WA. Whether your restaurant's air conditioner is leaking or your home furnace won't emit heat, you can depend on us for troubleshooting and repair services.

Our services go beyond expectations. We can diagnose and repair issues or provide replacements for heating systems, exhaust systems, air intake systems and air conditioners. Maybe you need to buy a new air filter or replace your evaporator coil. We can handle the job. You can even hire us for drain line flushing and any preventive maintenance and tune-up services.

Not sure that we offer the HVAC repairs you need? Ask a pro now by calling 206-371-5629.

4 warning signs of a faulty HVAC system

You have a lot on your mind. That means you may not even notice that your HVAC system is having problems until the issues have gotten worse. That's why it's important to pay attention to certain signs. You may need cooling or heating repair services if your:

  • Unit is making loud noises
  • Unit is leaking
  • Energy bills have gotten higher
  • Space feels uncomfortable


It's important to get a repair as soon as you notice an issue. Speak with an expert in Maple Valley & Federal Way, WA about our cooling and heating repair services today.